About Us

Incorporated in 2007, International Trust Services Limited (ITSL) is a licensed International Trust and Foundation Services Provider in Belize and is a subsidiary of International Corporate Services Limited (ICS). ITSL offers a full scope of Trust and Foundation services in Belize including full administration and management of trust and foundation assets and other ancillary services. Additionally, together, ICS and ITSL’s range of services cover various jurisdictions: Belize, Anguilla, BVI, Dominica, Nevis, Panama and Seychelles.

We work closely with clients to build a structure unique to their needs. Our affiliate company ICS and our network of professional providers both compliment the services we offer and meet our commitment in providing quality efficient services for both bespoke and standard structuring.

One of ITSL’s unique qualities is that, along with ICS, we advise on wealth planning for both the private client as well as professional intermediaries seeking financial planning solutions for international clients making use of the IFS industry. We also assist international and local clients wishing to explore opportunities via domestic vehicles.

ITSL’s experienced staff and management stand ready to collaborate with you and to build a partnership making your goal of financial freedom and protection a reality!

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